still sore from surgery, question about ectopic

oh! i am still so very sore from my "complicated ectopic" surgery last week. the incision is 4 inches long but is healing well. i never imagined i would still be this sore. my house is in shambles, i am very dizzy all the time and i don't know why? i stopped taking the percocet night before last as the pain is better during the days and i thought that was causing the dizziness. i have only taken motrin during the day and a dose of vicodin at night. does vicodin make you dizzy several hours post med? has anyone every experienced dizziness like this after surgery? and what about hurting for this long? geez, i feel like i should be moving on already. i was instructed to not drive or do any lifting for 10 days post surgery and today makes 7 and counting. i have had 6 other m/c's but never an ectopic and i've never been down this long. i want to be better!!!

Hello, If you are anything like I was after my ectopic surgery I am sure that you are dealing with emotional hurt as well. I was sore for close to 2 weeks. Vicodin does make me dizzy for a while. Getting up and moving around was the best thing that helped me to start feeling better. I was out of work for 8 weeks after my surgery so this is pretty normal for the circumstances. Good Luck and I hope that you feel better soon.

Yes, take all the time you need to heal. I'm still a bit sore after tube removal on 22nd. I know the vicodin made me dizzy during the day too. And, I agree with "need", moving around walking here and there more every day helped tremendously. When I started doing that I felt myself getting stronger every day

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