Darnit, I was doing so well avoiding Nutrasweet!

I've been a little PMSy lately so that doesn't help today. Anyway, I've been on, not a diet, but a "new healthy way of eating" and I managed to lose 7 pounds in about two weeks. I was eating yogurt for a morning snack and got a "light" blueberry Yoplait this time instead of regular. This is not the first time I had a light but I think the others were another brand so now I'm wondering what was in those. I'm so mad because after I finished it, I noticed that bitter aftertaste. Believe me, I know that Nutrasweet aftertaste, and I didn't know those stupid yogurts had that in there until I just looked at the label!! I had the same brand yesterday but didn't notice it for some reason. I'm mad because I've been doing my best to avoid any products with artificial sweeteners and that was in there. Anyway, I just had to vent a little. How is everyone today in the ttc world? I'm 10DPO on a cycle that is basically wasted for lack of BDing due to irreconcileable (sp) differences with DH at the worst time of all. My normal LP is 14 days so I have even longer to wait for the next cycle.

WantNum2: I think in general you should avoid Nutrasweet and Sweet & Low, just as a precaution. I'm not too sure on the specifics, but I know they've done studies on both products relating to cancer (studies done on rats... but still, better to be safe than sorry). And I hear ya... you know how there are about 2 dozen lines of flavored water out there now? I'm not a big water drinker and I know I should hydrate myself as much as I can... so I figured I'd start drinking some of the flavored water (I might drink more if it tastes yummy). I will be damned if I could not find ONE bottle of flavored water that DIDN'T have either Nutrasweet or Splenda or Aspartame in it (technical name I believe)! That's ridiculous! And for each bottle I picked up to inspect, I had to carefully go through the ingredients list to see if it was snuck in w/o an obvious "Nutrasweet" label. Stinky buggers!

After 2 years of ttc I stopped any dieting or healthy eating just in case I am prego. This week I sit in my office and eat cheap Halloween candy that is left over after the holiday... I always get a BFN so I simply don't see a point any more :( Besides, this cycle is a bust for me anyways since I am doing a laparoscopy tomorrow and supposed to abstain from sex or use protection this whole cycle. So, you are not alone.

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