HPT- Anyone get more than one BFN but ended up pregnant anyway?

I ovulated right around 11/28

It is always a possibility, so I wouldn't give up hope just yet ... some women are pretty far along in their pregnancy before they test positive the first time. However, it is very unlikely to have this many symptoms this early. The only symptoms I had until five weeks (three weeks after conception) wer enormal af symptoms (i.e. sore bbs, cramping, fatigue, etc.). I had nothing out of the ordinary, and I know many other women have had the same. However, it is possible to have symptoms this early. Just remember that many if not most symptoms can be mental ... I had "symptoms" almost every month that we were ttc (we tried for 15 mo) until I actually did conceive. I wish you the best, and I hope you get the holiday gift you are hoping for. Best wishes and sticky baby dust to you!

i took a first response and a fact plus friday and they were both negative but I knew i was becasue I have been pregnant 9 times so this is my 10th. I knew like 2 weeks ago because my breast were really sore and that is one of my usual signs. your hcg level with first response has to be over 150 i know this for a fat i kept taking them til i got a positive then i went to the dr. and that is what mine was, the ones i have found to show up at like hcg level at 20 was ones i purchased for everything a $1 store or dollar trees they honestly do show up quicjker than anyowther. Melissa

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