BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! but scared ,please help!!

I recently had my long awaited BFP on HPT!! We are soooo happy after fighting with infertility for so loong...but scared at the same time that everything should go fine from here! On 7-8 DPO ( when i didnt know if I was pregnant), I had this terrible burning stomach ache in centre and right side. more like acidity but it was not going with antacids .. We saw a doctor, had blood test and ultrasound and everthing was normal! I had pain killers for 2 days..and pain was gone! I am dreading if this was not sign of ectopic. I had HSG last month, my tubes are clear. I am 27. But i was on 50 mg clomid Cd 2-6 this cycle. Today is 14 DPO and I had my first BFP on 11-12 DPO. . I have doc app on friday which will be 16 DPO . I dont have any symptoms apart from sore boobs and minor twinging in my right abdomen and some pressure feeling..but not serious cramps, no bleeding at all! What do u think?...what are signs of ectopic?...can i have any signs this early?...and what could have caused that pain on just 7-8 DPO?......and is ectopic pain more like cramps or some diff kind of pain? And does taking clomid increase ectopic chances? Please help me ladies

There is some research that indicates estrogen and HCG can increase your odds of ectopic. I had one back in Feb/Mar of 07. I had no pain until my tube started to rupture at 8wks pg. We suspected ectopic at 5wks because hcg was low. By 6wks when they couldn't find anything in the uterus and there was no quesiton about date of conception because we had IUI, we started methotrexate shots. They didn't work for me. At 8wks my tube ruptured and had to be removed. As I said, I never had any pain until that night. I did have some very light spotting for about 4 days starting at about 4wk5d. When I got pg after that, I had pain on my left side (the side I ovulated on) and I was so worried it was ectopic again. Dr said it was probably corpus luteum pain. It was an ache in my side. It was later confirmed that it was not an ectopic pg. YAY!!! Congrats to you.. hang in there a little while longer and you will know for sure.

I am 15 dpo and got BFP this month too. I have had pretty bad cramps and told the Dr. about them. She said that more than likely it's the uterus stretching to prepare for the baby! So I wouldn't worry about ectopic if I were you. It could be a number of things. I know we tend to think the very worst because we've gone thru infertility for so long and been so disappointed so many times, but just enjoy being pregnant and try to think positive! There are just too many things it could be to worry about ectopic. Best of luck!

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