Missed AF but Neg Test?

Hey ladies... This may seem like a stupid question, but have any of you heard of someone missing their AF after fertility treatments, but still having a negative HPT the day after the missed period? I'm on my second round of clomid/IUI and AF is nowhere to be found. It was due yesterday, and I'm regular as can be, so I'm puzzled. I took a First Response Early Dectection HPT this morning and it was amazingly negative. I'm assuming I'm not pregnant, but I was just curious if it is possible I still could be? I'm waiting for doc to call me back to schedule a blood test. It just seems logically that if I had enough hormone in my system to keep AF from coming, it should be enough to register on a very sensitive HPT! Sheri

It would make sense that it should show up on an hpt but that is not always the case. There are quite a few posts from women on here that have had negative HPT's and then found out they were pregnant. Just make sure your dr does a beta test which will measure the exact level of HCG in your system. It could just still be too low to measure on an HPT.

Thanks so much! I did call my RE and he agreed that it was highly unlikely I was pregnant if it wasn't showing yet on an HPT, but just to be certain he drew some blood for a beta test and I should know by tomorrow. I suspect AF just decided to be fussy and not show up for a day or so just to drive me nuts! Ha!

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