Endometriosis and fertility questions

Hello All In Jan 2007 I had a softball-sized endometriosis removed along with left ovary via laparotomy. I am 25, recently married, however not immediately interested in having children. During surgery, I was staged Ic ovarian cancer - finished chemo recently. Now that all of that cancer stuff is behind me, I have questions about fertility with respect to my endometriosis (if the chemo didn't kill my remaining ovary....) ......what are my chances of pregnancy? if I go off my birth control, will the endo come back? are there success stories? can anyone recommend any good websites on this topic? Also, I am unable to take fertility drugs - IVF etc - because they increase risk of getting OVCA, and, well, been there done that. :) Thanks in advance for your responses, M.B.

I've been told that yes, when you go off BC the endo can come back. The BC supresses it for awhile. I'm sorry about everything you've been through, wow, that's a lot for one person. You're very strong for making it through all of that. I had my left tube removed rec. due to endo and it was my 3rd laparoscopy because of the endo. Each time it came back worse to eventually destroying my tube completely. But, everyone is different and their hormones are different which seems to affect endo so maybe yours will not come back as aggressively. I would consult your doctor but I hope this info helps you some. Best wishes.

Hello I aslo have endo.. My Dr. told me since ive had two surgeries (to remove endo..) and one DnC because i had a molar pregnancy, that my chances are low.. Ive been trying to get pg for two years now. Im on my third round of clomid, the first two months i was on 50mg but my Dr. did a test and found im not even ovulating. So he raised my dose to 100mg.. I test on monday to see if that worked. Good luck best wishes..

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