normal pap / shooting pain..plz help

hi ladies. update on me - well i posted a while back about having a swollen gland near my vaginal area and my dr says it is hurting my chances of getting pg since it may be a unfriendly environment for sperm. well i got my pap results today and everythng is normal. i just have to go to my obgyn to get that lump checked and possibly drained. i hope its nothing bad and can be easily taken care of. im kinda scared to go because im affraid of something bad being wrong. plus i wanted to ask about this shooting pain i have. im wondering if any of you may have had this b4. its like a shooting pain in the vagina and sometimes i get it in the bum to. (sorry im tryin to not be graphic) well it happens randomly but wen af arrives, which sadly arrived today, the pain shows up a lot more and its more painfull. i can barely go to the bathroom (for #2) and i dont no what to do. i asked my dr once and she gave me stool softener. it doesnt help much since this shooting pain also happens in the vaginal area to. have any of you had this? if so do you no what i can do to make the pain go away. any info would be really helpful. thx :)

there was a big forum on this but I lost it, Monday I got the shooting pain, dont know if it was coming from the bottom or the vagina area, or both at times, It lasted for about an hour maybe longer, I was so intense that I was crying, and was unable to sit down, as it made the pain worse, and I could hardly walk. I make my living driving, I was almost to the point of calling and having someone come and drive my truck back, Then Tuesday was fine, Wes. Mornig I wake up, been up for about 20 mins or so, and it hits again, the pain takes your breath away, and the shooting pain that comes and goes is so PAIN FUL....... It lasted about an hour and half today maybe 2 hours, I almost did not go to work, but know as soon as it passes I will be fine, I am wondering what the heck is going on, and what is wrong,

I have also had this....I think is may be gas pains.... I know that sounds weird, but it happens to me duirng AF also.... Interesting how we are so in tune with our bodies...probably happens to more people than you think....good question, though... I often wondered if this was something that other people had...... good luck at Drs....

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