is this safe during pregnancy??

hey guys, as some of you might already know i just got my BFP..last you might think im stupid but this is my first time ever being pregnant and my dh is thinking that he dosent want to have sex beacuse hes scared he might do somenthing, now my question is ...IS IF SAFE TO HAVE INTERCOURSE THE FIRST 3 MONTHS WHILE PREGNANT??

yeah well guess what....we had sex this morning and later on i started spotting...i freaked out!! i called my RE office and the nurse told me to avoid any kind of sex for now and to rest up my feel for the day...and if im still spotting tomorrow to call her back...this is crazy!!!

I would ask your doctor. My doc recommended for me not to but it was a cautionary thing. Every pregnancy is different so I would ask your doc. Best wishes. I'm really happy for you!!!

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