what 5 cd's do you all take your clomid?

Is there any difference in taking clomid on cd 2-6, than cd 3-7 or cd 5-10?

I didnt wanna jam up the forum with another post, so i will put it here. 1:) Has anyone ever heard anything about getting preggo easier the earlier you take clomid in your cycle? 2:) Has anyone taken clomid, it not worked, then gone to femara and it DID? 3:) What is the difference between Femara and Clomid. I heard the first is a cancer drug but why is it used in a fertility setting? Is it for women with pre-diabetes or what? thank you all so much for answering anything you can. i am on round 7 of clomid and i am just over it. i have seen the stats on the whole success after 3 cycles and i am way past that. any info would be great!

I did clomid 2-6. She said she gave it to me so early because a) studies have shown a higher rate of pg (not sure fo the exact stats, but I think is is higher, and b) it has less of an effect on cm (doesnt dry it up as much as taking it a few days later in your cycle). I was on it for a while, but it wasnt until after I stopped that we did a more specialied SA and found out that it wasnt me it was DH, so we are now moving on to ICSI. However I ovulated every month on cd 19 or 20 on 50mg. Good luck.

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