And the results are

16.27 that's my progesterone at least....I'm so excited I'm hoping that high # is BFP related.....I'm still feeling nauseated the past 3 days and even thought I was gonna throw up at wal I'm really getting my s e p o h way way up

Still waiting on those results. He's in surgery this morning and he took my chart with him last night so maybe just maybe I might get my results this afternoon. I'm sure hoping so.....I want to know so if I have a BFP in the making I can make sure and keep it if it's something easy to fix.

That would be the best Christmas present ever and wedding anniversary present our anniversary is Christmas Eve and if I get prego this time I'll have the best B-day present also my due date will be July 29th my 23rd birthday.....I can't lose with this cycle...

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