Advise please ladies

Hi ladies I hope some of you can answer my question for a freind of mine. Well here goes, my friend suffered a miscarraige (miscarriage) back in August of this year and as had 2 periods since her loss. Her last period was on the 23rd of Octber she is trying to get pregnant again but this tuesday just gone which was the 6th just after bonfire night she had been to the toiltet for a pee and when she wiped herself she noticed a bit of blood which was very light red. She also has had pain very low down near her abdonon.for a couple of days. The pain lasts about 1 minute then goes. It is 17 days since her period so could this be Implatation bleeding Any advise would be great many thanks xxx

could be, you never know. Just hope for the best. this is my thinking: if your friend has 28CD. usually day 12 - 14 is the ovulation time. Your friend had period on 10/23 (first day); 12CD - 14CD (11/3-11/5) is ovulation time. So if she had BD during thos time, then right now should be conceiving time, not implantation time. But the bleeding can't be period becuase she just had it. so let hope for the implantation. Just cross the finger.

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