I'm cured....well sorta....Blood work is in

OK so finally I got my blood work back and my A&A test came back positive. Soooooooooooo I need to take Aprin and Blood Thinners as soon as I get a BFP and also my clotting factor was off by 1 point but nothing big......so I'm just happy it's no huge huge deal......THANK GOD!!!! I'm feeling like this is the cycle.....

Thanks ladies I'm really excited I just pray this is my turn I'm kinda bummed today for some reason.......but maybe I'll have some miraculous sign tomorrow and my hopes will be up again. I think I will start testing Saturday it will be 7-8 DPO early I know but I doubt I can wait longer...LOL I'm hoping that if it is a BFP it will hold off until the 13th and be a wonderful B-day present for DH.

I just noticed something, the doc said take it AFTER a BFP? I thought you would take it the whole cycle before? I'd definitely ask him about that. Blood clots can interfere with conception and implantation and that's BEFORE a BFP. I'd definitely ask about that.

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