Update on disapearing PG symptoms

It's official!!! I had a mc on monday. This is the 3rd this year. UUGGHH. This is so frustrating. I don't know if I should just give up or not. This time I thought for sure everything would be fine. 3rd times a charm right? WRONG!. Levels already dropped to 32 within 2 days. I had no cramps, no spotting. Woke up monday morning and realized I had no symptoms. I posted a question actually about that. About an hour after I posted my question, I had gone to use the restroom, and had a huge gush of clotty blood. I went to my doc, and I had already passed everything within about 3 hours. DH and I have decided to wait for a while, not sure how long, but maybe we will give up altogether. I told DH last night that maybe i'm not ready to share him yet :) He said way to keep your spirit honey. He's soooo sweet. Just wanted to let you all know what went on, and thank you gals all so much!! Already posted on 35+, just wanted to keep you guys informed.

I'm so sorry. It's devastating news, i don't know how you went through 3 this year. I don't know how you are so strong but I admire you and think you're great. I'm really glad DH is supportive of you and this, you need each other and time will dull the pain as I'm sure you know it never goes away but just gets duller. I will be thinking of you and praying that God send you blessings you've never imagined. You deserve the best.

i am soo sorry to hear about your loss. i have had 6 m/c in the past 2 years and it stinks. we already have 2 boys, so this is secondary infertility for us. i think we may be done this time. it is just too much devastation and emotional stress. hang in there, and i would keep trying if i were you. have you had all the testing done to find a possible reason? like marie sais sometimes they find something that can be easily fixed. hang in there and God Bless!

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