Update - Not Looking Good

Morning Ladies, Yesterday I went to see my Dr. and have a sonogram. The 2 follicles are not big enough to rupture and to do IUI. Right now it grows 16mm compare on monday 14mm. My uterus lining is so thin(.5mm). Even though I might conceive but my lining so thin for the egg implant. Dr. schedule me back first thing on Monday to have another sonogram and if the follicles reach to the good size then we go from there. The thing is I am afraid during the weekend I ovulate and miss my chance to do IUI. Hopefully the Dr. calculate right and by monday my 2 follicles mature and reach to 20+mm then she will inject novarel to rupture the follicles and do IUI on Tuesday. Please pray for me not to ovulate this weekend because if follicles rupture by itself, I will be doom.

I dedected LH surge (+OPK) last saturday 11/3 when i was in 7CD. I went to see Dr. on Monday 11/5 and wed 11/7 and they do detect many follicles in there including 2 good size follicles 14mm on monday. Wed when I came back the follicles were 16mm. dr. want to see if during the weekend they will be 20+mm. i scheduled on monday to have sonogram. well, really don't know. they kept telling me my lining too thin, then they didn't give me anything to take care of that. I just wait and see what happen on Monday. Thanks you all

I will say a prayer for you. Are you doing ovulation kits? If so can you call your dr. over the weekend if you get a positive surge? Also call your dr. today and ask her about estrogen suppositories. My dr. used those to build my lining (the generic name is estrace and use insert them vaginally for 5 days). It's a very small pill but works wonders. You should already be on those before the IUI even takes place. Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers.

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