Stupid OPK

Hello all. My LMP was 10/26 to 10/31. I have been using OPK since monday I test everyday at 12:30. I have also been checking my CM, which hasn’t really changed, it's not sticky let. So my question is with the OPK for the last 4 days it was light on mon, light on tue, then lighter on wed. and a little darker today but Its still light. How does it work, does it get light ,dark, and darker. Or can it get light and then darker? I also don’t know for sure how many days my cycle is because I was on bc . But I would always get it on the wed after my last pill. So would I have a 32 day cycle? right? Thank you for helping!!

Mine always get gradually darker over two-three days until I get a positive. Then gradually lighter again. As for your cycle, I think it is too early to tell, because the pills have been keeping your body on a set schedule, based on the birth control hormones. The 32 days would be based on how your body responded to the birth control. I think you just have to keep track of your cycle of the next few months to get an idea of what's normal for you when you're not on the pill. Good luck!

You could still have ovulated. You might just not have tested at the exact time of the LH rise. Let's say you test every day at noon, yet your spike was at midnight. If that's the case, you would probably see a line that is almost as dark as the test line two days in a row, yet still have had an LH rise. You just didn't catch the peak. Hope that makes sense.

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