what dosage???

for all of you that are or have been on clomid what dosage did you take? How many cycles till you had to increase?

been TTC 12 months now, 5 cycles without any drugs, then 5 cycles on 50mg, now i up to 100mg and given metformin to help, i am on round 2 of this! 7 cycles using it and NO BABY, no BFP, NADA...........i am over it needless to say! i hope you have better luck than me! :) my friend suggested Femara and i am thinking about trying it!

I don't know anything about getting scripts online. I will tell you that I am monitored very closely by my RE while on clomid. I'm on 50mg and my RE kept me on 50 for this month (cycle 2). They said they would only up my dose if I wasn't producing follicles and I am.

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