Blood Levels for E2 and Progesterone

This is my 8th attempt at IVF. I had a cryotransfer of 3 embryos on 11/4. I went for bw today showing E2 240 and Progesterone 28.0 What should they be? Is there a ratio of E2 to Progesterone? How does my RE know when to increase or decrease the medication. I guess what I'm looking for is some kind of formula that can tell me if I'm on the right track. I don't like to hear "the numbers look good" I want to know what the numbers are supposed to be. I hope I don't sound too anxious/paranoid. I posted this on one of the forums and got zero replies. Thanks!!!!

I went through Frozen Embryo Transfer on 10/11. I am not sure what my estrogen level was but four days post transfer my progestrone was 39.5, however I was taking one 2ml oil shot and 2 suppositorys a day. On two weeks post transfer my HCG was 236 and my progestrone was 39.9. When I went through a fresh cycle last year I want to say my levels were right in line to where yours are now. In a fresh cycle you produce some natural progestrone and estrogen because you ovulate in a Frozen cycle you don't ovulate so you have to medicate everything. I had a successful transfer this time and am 6 wks and got to hear the heartbeat yesterday. Looks like based on your days you are not due to test unditl next week either friday or monday since transfer was on a Sunday? I can tell you that they do like to see the progestrone level to be between 30 - 40 but in alot of cases in the 20 is good. Last week I started to bleed and my progestrone dropped to 33. this happened because two of my embryos that were transfered took and one was miscarrying. Best of luck keep us updated on your progress. I don't know any one else who has gone through IVF or FET so it is good to talk to someone who has been through it. I have had two fresh cycles one resulting in a live birth and one resulting in stillborn at 37 wks, not related to IVF. then two FET one a miscarriage and now this one. GOOD LUCK keep the faith it will all work out.

Go to google and type in "blood levels during pregnancy" and a whole slew of numbers come up. I also went through ivf. We tried for 15 yrs to concieve (conceive) with no luck. We did every other know treatments up to then. They recoverd 6 eggs, implanted 3 in me, I concieved with one child, a beautiful girl. Three years later we had the last 3 inplanted. I now have a wonderful son. It was the hardest process I ever went through. Good luck! I so do know how you feel.

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