I'm sick of hearning this!

Okay so everybody is driving me CRAZY iwth this, "if you stopped stressing out about getting pregnant then it would happen" junk!!! My dh keeps going on and on...not to mention other people. I want to know has anybody had an RE say this too them? Does stress really effect you chances of getting pregnant? I think this is bullsh@t until I see some research to prove it...anybody have any answers???

I do believe that stress has a very big factor in whether or not you get pregnant, BUT it has to be how you handle the stress also. When I started my family I wanted so much to have my children close together. I thought, okay my daughter turns 15 months and then we can try, that way my kids will be 2 years apart! I was running a day care at my home then, caring for children with disabilities. VERY STRESSFUL-- Never got pregnant in a month, not two, nor six. A year went by and I thought what the hey? I am very fit, never was a problem at all to get pregnant with my daughter, (seriously, first time not using protection), Exercise regularly, WHAT IS MAKING ME INFERTILE??? I am the youngest of 10 (15 all together counting all the MC my mother had), Husband at the time was Oldest of 6, and I can't get pregnant? My dad breathed close to my mom and she was pregnant! This can not be happening to me!!!!! I went to see an RE, had every test under the sun ran on me and my husband. Nothing! Even had exploratory surgery, doc never found a dang thing. I was REALLY STRESSED!!! So needless to say 6 years later with no explanation as to why I was not getting pregnant, trying everything from every position under the sun to every prescription they could give me, I said to He!L with it, I give up!! Never thought about having a baby after that. Just assumed that I was blessed with one daughter and that would be all I would have. 3 months later, my niece comes to my house after school one day, 15 years old and she is crying, I'm like oh lord what is wrong, it can't be that bad." She says,"I'm pregnant and Mom and Dad are going to kill me." Well, I let her cry on my shoulder for a while and the whole time inside I was wanting to puke so bad because it made me sick!! It hurt like you would not believe! I was sick for 3 days after that. My DH comes in says why don't you take a pregnancy test? He took it upon himself to get me a HPT. I took it and sure enough I was pregnant.2 months!! So, do I think stress has something to do with not getting pregnant? Absolutely!! The second I gave up is when I got pregnant. I now have a 17 and a 10 year old. Last husband and I got a divorce, re-married, got a TR in March, wasn't stressing at all over getting pregnant, and got pregnant right away!!! Yes, try not to stress, not saying that is the blame, but in My opinion, very well could be!! It's all hormonal and you stress and it can affect it in my opinion. Sending pregnancy vibes your way!!!!!! SDSBD to you!! I will keep you in my prayers. Patty

Well hi girls! Sorry I missed all these posts..thanks for the responses. So I did something to RELAX today...haha. I went to the acupuncturist...it is VERY relaxing for some strange reason. My dh's friend is an acupuncturist and b/c he knows I'm ttc he refered me to another acupuncturist in his office that specializes in infertility. She told me that I need to RELAX...Oh God I couldn't believe it! So...she said that my body probably isn't ready to get preg. again so that's probably why I'm not preg....hmmmmm...when in the world will my body be ready??? It's been almost 5 months since my m/c and my mind is ready! Anyway it was relaxing and apparently she has a good track record so we'll see. I go to the RE tomorrow for clomid days 3-7. Can't wait to get up at 5 to stand in line at 6:15 like I'm waiting to buy an apple I phone at Christmas....haha. Anyway...I will be there...and we will see! Kindergal - My RE's office has yoga and acupuncture....that's what they recommend to relax. Vsentz- I'm glad to hear things are going great. Wow you must be growing now...you'll have to send us pics of the belly! Lexima- I haven't heard anything about exercising helping. My dh is angry that I have a gym membership and I'm not going...sounds like something he would say...haha. I'm about your size the way my dh acts you would think I was 100 pounds over weight...they just come up with their own theories. Babyblue- Thanks for the link I will check it out! Thanks again everyone!

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