No AF after prometrium use?

THis is my third cycle using prometrium incase we conceive, which isn't happening! I'm late for AF to show her ugly face by 4-5 days and after 6 negative HPTs and a HCG less than one (confirmed today), I'm not pregnant. So, where is my period?!? I was told by a nurse today that the prometrium could have built up the uterine lining too much causing AF to be delayed. I didn't have any problems with it the previous cycles and now I'm just wondering if it built up the lining that fast this cycle, maybe I don't really need it?!? Has anyone had this happen before?

Yes- I have. I've been told to do the same thing - and no cycle has been the same as the other. The first one AF was over a week late and I too had a negative HCG. When I had the negative blood test and was late - the dr's office said to stop the prometrium and AF would come - but the time between the appt and the phone call -she arrived on her own... The next cycle I ovulated a week late and AF came a few days later than I would have expected. I was upset and asked my dr's office what was going on. I was basically told we know nothing until it happens. We don't know how my body would react to the prometrium so there's no way of knowing how AF is going to react or anything... I was livid - so great - the only thing we know is that we know nothing!!! Better luck to you! I also asked how long we were going to do the prometrium before moving to a next step... I was told after this cycle so we're still waiting to see how things turn out. I'd ask your office how long before pursuing further treatment.

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