low sperm-Dr. Advice/ Anyone-PLESE

Please I am needing some advice. My husband has a low sperm count, as in 5 ML for the count, we have had intercourse for at least 5 years and no protection. I have always had a regular cycle, (28 days) give or take a day. I was supose to get my period on the November 1st and has not come yet, if the calulations are correct i was ovulating from Oct 14th - the 28th while being the 18th day my most fertile. We did have intercourse on this day (the 18th) and the weekend after that. We joked and saw in the movies that if you hold your legs up that there is a better chance, well im 6 days late but i have took 5 HPT and all were negitive. I have felt sick to my stomach at times, and very bloated. I have had cramps like i was going to get my period but nothing came. My questions is, Could this happen with such a low sperm count? and if the timing is correct. I did go a vacation during that time,but have not been stressed out, Boobs do not hurt, however I feel that I am. I dont want to be disappointed, and the doctor said that it would still be to soon to tell. 6 days past my period is too soon? how long is the average wait? PLEASE HELP.. we have wanted this for so long and i dont want a dispointment...again with a Negitive result?

If AF does not come within the next few days you have to see your obgyn. No period can be a sign of problems that are not pregnancy related. Also you can take a blood test that is more accurate than HPT. Good luck!

My RE recommends Vitamin B12 for the men....low sperm count or not. It helps "health up" the spermies. I would wait a few more days and then go in for a blood test if you do not get af.

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