I have been having problems with my menstrual cycle, could I be infertile?

Just to give you some details of my medical history:I have two daughters ages 9 and 6, I myself am 26. I started my period at the young age of 8 and had both my daughters very young, and both by c-section. I have always had irregular periods and started having cysts on my ovaries when I was around the age of 11. Could these be the signs of something serious or infertility? I would love to have another child someday. Any help will be highly appreciated. Amanda

There is a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), I'm not saying you have this, but it does sound possible. There are medications for this, so I would have your doctor do a complete work up on you. Good luck!

By the way my cycle has now been going on oand off (mostly on) for 15 days.

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