Who wants to join me??? I'm either 2 or 3 DPO yippeee!

Hey girls I am in the dreadful tww too! So here's to BFP for everyone! I agree Dh's can be a little more compassionate when we are going through everything. I made my Dh sit down and listen to every little thing that I go through including checking my CM. He was unenthused but understands that as a female I want this to happen more than he does. We did have a couple of days where I wanted to wring his neck because he was being a *beep*. But he made sure we made up so that we didn't miss any opportunity to make a baby. Based on my u/s I o'ed on Friday night or Saturday. I had two large follies on Friday 25mm and 19mm. Got the first positive on the OPK Thursday. But based on my temps I had ovulated on Wednesday. I was still testing positive yesterday, haven't tested at all today. We did clomid and a 2 amp shot of Repronex. Is there any way more than one follicle ruptured? Or that based on my temps that one went before the u/s? Praying for BFP's for everyone and Sticky Sticky Baby Dust to everyone!!!

To ttchopeful: I know it is possible to ovulate more than once in a cycle, but I thought it was just 24 hours apart. Maybe?! Good luck to you!!! To Brown Eyed Gurl: I think it IS our turn!!! I sometimes wonder if my husband has a hormone issue though or if I do because I would every day if I could and he is more like twice a week or maybe 3 times if it is his choice. He doesn't seem to have a very strong libido and I do. What is wrong with us??! And about the DH and baing helpful...I got my DH to check my cervix for me because it was so high that I was having a hard time telling which way the opening was. He confirmed that mine faces my back (tipped uterus?). I'm hoping that is okay. Anyhow, he said that I owe him and I replied by 9 months I'll give you a baby! I think that is enough of a payback! He's a good sport though and has baby fever BAD, so he'll do whatever it takes!!!

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