TTC after methotrexate for ectopic pregnancy

I had my first IUI in Jan. At 6 wks pg I was diagnosed with ectopic pg. Feb 23 my HCG was at 1300 and they gave me one treatment of methotrexate. One week later my HCG went up to 2600, so they gave me one more treatment of methotrexate. The very next day my HCG went down 22%. I've had no bleeding/spotting or cramping. My doctor tells me we can try IUI again as soon as my HCG levels come down, but I've read so many articles on the net that say you have to wait 3 months after one treatment and 6 months after two treatments. Does anybody have any experience with this? I'm the type of person who can deal with things much better if I know what is ahead of me. If I have to wait three or more months, I need to mentally prepare myself for that. Any insight or personal experiences are appreciated.

Hi! My RE gave me the Methotrexate shot for ectopic pregnancy last Tuesday.I have still to check my HCG on 3/6 but he already told me that we have to wait 3 months to do IVF #2.Maybe your doctor thinks that ot will take long for the HCG to go completely down or maybe is different since you are doing IUI. I think you should ask him .After 1 year of fertility treatment I learned that you have to ask and ask and ask! Good luck and baby dust to you

Hi. I am in the same boat with this meth shot. I just had my third one last Wednesday (my levels were stagnant at 900 after coming down form over 10,000). I asked my RE and they sasid as oon as the levels go down we should be good to go. He told me the meth metabolizes in your body because I asked how it will affect our ttc the next time around. I guess it's different for everyone??? Blessings to you all.

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