Clomid! What's next

I just got through with my 5th round of clomid. I was wondering what is next if this don't take. I go and see my re on the 13th.

Drs don't really know why it was eptopic, I haven't read anyway of any particular reasons, but I have been told that if you have an eptopic you have a greater chance that repeating itself. I tried clomid with insemination, that's how I ended up with the eptopic. I have PCOS so ovulation is was big problem for me, on clomid I only developed one egg per cycyle even at the highest dose. I went straight for the IVF because i was so tired I think I just wanted results...I was so tired 6yrs of trying

i went through several rounds of clomid (3 pills a day)as well, I believe six, be careful there is a limit. It worked once 3 years ago, but it was eptopic so I miscarried. I just went through my first IVF cycle and thank GOD it worked I am now 7 wks preg with twins! Depending on you problem you can do clomid with IUI or injectables with IUI before trying IVF. Hope this helps Good Luck!!

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