It's confirmed....BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still in shock!!!!!! The RE called and said my hcg level was 116!!!! I don't even know if that number is good, I just know that she said that I was definitely pregnant!!!

No - no news other than I should have gone in today to have a 48 hr comparison done... No one told me that so I'll go in tomorrow morning before work to have that drawn and hopefully I'll hear tomorrow. The time lapse will be over 48 hrs so the numbers should be pretty high... The nurse said that after the results tomorrow they'll schedule my first OB appt - which I'd imagine won't be for some period of time... Don't know - this part is all new to me! I've been looking on-line at different due date calculators and it seems like mid-July (I hope and pray!). What about you? When is your first OB appt?

I had to go to the Dr. today for an "emergency" visit. Nothing too bad, thankfully. I was having some cramping and my urine output was practically nothing and my stomach was VERY distended. My RE said that I still have OHSS and my ovary is still very large. In fact, it is so large that they couldn't even find my uterus on the u/s! Apparently, my gigantic ovary has pushed my uterus to the side. No worries though...they said that my OHSS shouldn't affect the pregnancy at all. Oh! Also, my beta was 794 (17 dpIUI). Looks like I have to continue resting and eating lots of protein...gotta get that OHSS to go away!

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