a question... please help

I have two children already... my husband and I have not ttc # 3 yet... but my last period started on October 24th... and we had unprotected sex on Nov 2nd... is it possible that i am preggo or no? i am experiencing harsh cramping and headaches, nausea. Could my symptoms be pregnancy or something else going on... oh, and these symptoms have been for two days straight.... thank you for any replys.... i love that i found this sight it is sooo helpful.... jen...

I think its funnie that we would know if your pregnant or not.. Of course you could be prego but we dont know. You know you better than we know you. If you feel your prego then take a test. Sorry to be so upfront but geez.. take a test..

Possibly! I agree with Helen. Take a test when you get a little closer to your expected period. Good luck! ...oh, and ignore dr_terry. It's some loser who is making up random questions and posting insulting answers.

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