question about sex after IVF

My husband has told me that he enjoys sex with me, but lately hasnt. he says i am not "letting him in far enough". I am not doing this on purpose. Is this normal? am I worried about something I am not aware of? I mean if I didnt know I was pregnant, it probably wouldnt be an issue. Sorry if I am being too blunt, just wanted to ask

I havent had IVF but im sure i would do the same thing you are doing for the first little while untill i was sure everything was going to be ok. Our poor husbands to threw soo much hehe... But thats ok cuz they dont go threw half the things women do.. ((HUGS))

I had my IVF transfer on October 9th. I haven't let my husband near me since. We went yesterday and got to see the heartbeat (6w3d). I asked my doctor if intercourse was okay and he said it is fine. For some reason I'm still scared. My poor husband!

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