miscarriage confusion

I have recently miscarried & haven't gotten a period yet. I miscarried 10/13 & was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. My husband & I started tryin again about a week after(which I know we shouldn't have)but now I'm havin symptoms as if I were pregnant again. I'm very confused & am not sure what's goin on with my body! It can't b possible that I would b havin symptoms this early,but don't know what 2 think. Hope some1 has some answers,feel like I'm goin crazy!

diane1003 is right, It takes a while for your HCG to return to baseline. Took me 6 weeks before my HCG was zero after my miscarriage. And my doc. told me to wait to periods before trying again. Hope this helps

thank u 4 responding but i already had my hcg levels checked after miscarriage & they were at 5 on 10/13. i had them checked again about 3 days later & they were 0.still feeling very confused :(

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