No AF 15dpIUI?

I am 15dpiui and still waiting for AF. I thought she would have shown yesterday. I had my first trigger 16 days ago (ovidrel 25mg which is equivelant to profasi 6500IU) and then another ovidrel 9 days ago (7 days after the first). I got a faint positive on HPT yesterday, and another one today (but todays looks slightly fainter than yesterday) so I am assuming that I am catching the trigger shot as it is leaving my system. I thought af comes 14 days after o, or 14 days after IUI? I feel like my body is playing cruel tricks on me!!

Everyone's luteal phase is a little different-depends on how long your cycles are. My AF comes about 16 days after o, that is when I wasn't doing IVF cycles. If you haven't gotten AF in a couple of days then retest. Most triggers are out in 10 days, but there have been some women here who have had them linger to 15 days.

Thanks. I was under the impression that the first half of your cycle can alaways change, but that the second half (o to AF) was always 14 days from o. I guess I'll just wait a few more days and see what happens. If this IUI cycle didnt work our next step is ICSI and I was hoping it wouldnt have to come to that :-(

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