Hi Ladies I am getting ready for my first round of IUI with donor sperm, nurse told me today that I have 3 mature follicles, is this a good number????? Does anyone know what the statistics are with IUI???

My RE told me it has the same success rate as a couple trying the natural way (timed intercourse) without infertility challenges. If I remember right is 25%. I got pg the first and third try. The second try I did not get pg, but I really don't count that time, because the follicle was on the side without a tube, so my chances were really slim that cycle. Good luck to you.

3 is great! I had 3 follicles on my last IUI and now I'm preggo!! I'm not sure about statistics...I think there are many factors that go into that such as sperm count, age of women, etc. But 3 follicles sounds great to me!!!! Best of luck to you!

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