Basal Body Temperature

Ladies, can anyone walk with me on the procedure of BBT? I wasn't sure how it is performed to find out the ovulation. I was using normal thermometer and I didn't get the temp rising, so no O i guess. But I heard there is another way to use BBT? Thanks!

I'm using Fertility Friend too! Check out their website, they'll have answers to all of your questions...and then some ( You can register and use Fertility Friend for free (unless you want a VIP membership). As for where you check your temps, (rectally, by mouth, etc.), it doesn't matter as along as you just pick one, since your temperature varies a little bit depending on the method you use. Temping has really helped me understand my cycle better. Oh, and I don't always take it at the exact same time, yet I can still see a clear bi-phasic curve (which means I've ovulated). Good luck, Anya!

You take your temp first thing in the morning, same time every day. Before you even get out of bed or even talk. You can buy digital thermometer at the pharmacy. But my D.R. told me that bbt can be tricky, small things can change your temp. Sunburn, colds,sex, and stress. So I gave up on bbt and I just do the OPK now. Its less stressfull.. Good luck to you.. SDSBD

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