Need help with BETA levels

I transferred 2 embryos on 10/22. My pregnancy bloodwork was last Saturday. I got a callback saying my beta level was 28 & that was not good. I was told to come back the following Monday for beta bloodwork again & that it would probably drop. In the meantime, I started cramping later on that night (last Saturday night) & by Sunday morning I was bleeding & cramping the whole day. I called the emergency number at Cooper & was told to stop mediations & come back in for bloodwork on Monday morning. I went back in for bloodwork on Monday & my beta level was 26 (dropped 2 points). The dr said it was not good & to come back in for bloodwork on Saturday (which is today). I just got a callback & the dr said my beta level is 86 which is still not good. She said to come back in for bloodwork on Monday, but I am nervous because she said with levels that low, it could be endotopic. Does anyone know anything about this? I don't understand, if they inserted the embryos into the uterus, can they flow to the tube?

Yes they can go back up into your tubes. Depending on your transfer day, ie 3-6 days after retreival they can floate around for a few days in there before they implant.

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