Was it too early?

I went to the Dr. on Oct. 26 and had an ultrasound done. All we saw was the sac. They gave me a blood test that showed my Hcg levels at 78,000 which according to the Dr. was enough to see something. We went back on Oct.31 and again we saw nothing and there was no heart beat,and they gave me another blood test. They called the next day and said my blood levels dropped to about 54,000. The Dr.said it was heading for a miscarriage. We went back on Nov. 5 which would have put me at 7 weeks pregnant. We still saw nothing and there was no heart beat. I had a D and C the next day. I'm starting to think that maybe that was too early to have it done and that maybe we should have waited for another week or two before deciding to have a D and C done. One of my friends told me that you won't see a heart beat until at least 8 weeks. But my blood levels had dropped and that was what I went by. So I'm just curious if I made the decision too soon or was it obvious that a miscarriage was going to happen. I know it's too late now but for future reference it would nice to know.

Hi love The same thing happened to me back in August of this year. I went for my scan thinking i was about 10 weeks pregnant because i was so big. when i had my scan i was told i was carrying twins and there was no heart beats. I was 6 weeks pregnant at this time. I was devastated so had blood tests because a friend told me there could be a chance that they could have scaned 2 early. I waited a week and my Hcg levels dropped drastically and i has miscarried.So id like to say to you love because your levels dropped as well you had most definatly miscarried. Im so sorry for your loss and im sending you loads of love ok and keep strong. If u need any more advice from me im here any time ok love Rachel. xx

I think you would have been able to see something at 6 weeks. With the levels dropping, I don't think there was anything you could have done. And I don't think waiting would have done any good.

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