Test again?

So I got a BFN on friday (14dpo) I still haven't started my temps are high it was 98.2 this morning. Do you think I should test again or just wait it out? I'm never late...but I know at 14dpo the test should be accurate!

My temp went even higher than usual - from 97.9ish after ovulation to 98.3. A grilfriend kept saying before she tested that her temp kept 'spiking' -but I think it just kept creeping up... What is yours usually after you ovulate? Keep taking your temp - that's free. If you still haven't gotten AF in a few days - test again. Also - are you on any meds? I'm taking prometrium -and that delayed AF almost a week for me...

Well, I would wait until tomorrow morning. If your temps are still up when you wake up, I say take another HPT!!! Chances are very high that you're pregnant if at 17 dpo you still have high temps!!!! Good luck!!!

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