How long after trigger shot can you get accurate HPT result?

I am a newbie to this forum, and to infertility. I was dx'd with PCOS (but NOT insulin resistant) at age 36, this summer. My question is: after 50 mg of Clomid days 5-9, estrogen patch days 11-15, I had hcg shot Friday 11/9. My doc says not to test for 14 days as to not get a false result, but I have read that you can test after 8-10 days. Also, anyone get nausea with trigger shot? And why are they testing blood for progesterone next Friday? Any response would help--I feel very isolated because I can't talk to anyone about this.

Hello! I think in general docs will recommend you wait the full 14 days... if you test too early and get a positive result, you can't even be 100% sure that it's really a positive (might be a false positive). Do you happen to know the dosage of your trigger shot? There's a general rule that states if the shot was 2,500 you can test after 7 days... if 5,000 you can test after 10 days... and if 10,000 you can test after 14 days. I believe most trigger shots tend to be 10,000. So it's completely up to you... I know that when I used the trigger shot this past attempt, I waited the full 14 days b/c I did NOT want to get a false positive (how heartbreaking would that be?). As for the nausea.. I didn't really feel nauseous at all (not until a week or so later... which could have been related to the pregnancy). I know that many women on here have done the progesterone testing after a week or so... my doc didn't have me do any bloodwork for this. I believe the purpose is to see if you did infact ovulate on time. Best of luck to you... this will be a great place for you to talk about your experience or ask questions (these women are very supportive)!

They are probably testing your blood next Fri to check your progesterone. My RE also does that. I had the trigger on OCt. 19th and I tested on the 31st 12 days after the tirgger and it was negative so I know that it was out of my system. I also didn't get nauseous....but I was very gassy and had some slight cramps.

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