High b/p & pregnancy

Hello All. I just wanted to know if anyone has high b/p during pregnancy, and lower high if you are not pregnant. With my son I had high b/p but doc wasnt to worried about it. I was induce at 38w because of it. When I got pregnant again, ( I take my b/p almost everyday) my b/p got high & I know I was pregnant and sure 2 weeks later I found out I was and then after I m/c it when back down. So my question is has anyone goes though this? Why is this happing?

I'm not sure what high is all I know is both times I have gone to the Dr they said it was high and it was a little higher when I was preg.

I have high blood pressure and they have me on asprin and I'm going to take blood thinners when I get prego....

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