Taking your temp?

When are you supposed tot start taking you temp how often and what is bad or good?

There isn't any bad or good when temps are involved. The reason to temp is to learn to identify patterns in your temps every cycle. Your temp is taken every am before getting out of bed, immediately upon waking with a basal theremometer. When you ovulate, your temp elevates and remains elevated until your next cycle begins. fertilityfriend.com is a good site for learning and chart keeping. However, temping doesn't let you know when you are about to o, only once it is over. OPKs are a good way of identifying upcoming o.

The advice I received from someone on here was to read "Taking Charge of your Fertility", by Toni Weschler. It is absolutely worth the price. You will learn everything you need to learn to discern your body's fertility signals. It is a great first step in ttc.

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