Update - 2WW

Morning Ladies, I just got back from Dr office. Here is an update: Last wednesday-11/7- I went to have a sonogram and they found 2 - 16mm follicles. Can't inject novarel due to follicles are not a good size. Dr predicted that I should ovulate by monday and ask me to come back Monday to check again and start doing procedure IUI. Well, here is the thing. During the weekend, I ovulated on either Friday Night/Early Sat. My CM is egg raw type. clear and jelly. I knew right away I was ovulated and if I do not BD on Saturday, I will miss my chance this month so I begged and begged and begged my DH to BD on Sat. He said 'no' because he wanted to save for Tuesday so we can do IUI. Anyway, you know i got short temper due to Clomid and Estradiol so I got angry and said to him, 'fine, you are the one want baby, not me don't bother ask me for a baby'. then went to bed. Early Sat about 4am he woke me up and we BD. :-) this morning when I go to see my dr and have another sonogram. Guess what! The follicles already ruptured and it's gone. I am so glad I BD over the weekend. The good news is my uterus wall lining is thick. it's about 1.2mm. Per dr. order, tonight we BD again just in case. so, I am in 2WW right now. Hopefully this month I can have something to thanks for during Thanksgiving. Thank you for listening my story. I will update with you what will happen. Take care

I hope it all works out for you and good luck. Also, I've had 3 IUIs, always on cd14 and my RE always told us to bd on evening of cd12. So unless hd has a low sperm count, it doesn't hurt to bd a couple nights before IUI. I got BFP on 2 of the 3 IUIs.

That's good that you listened to your instincts (even if it took your DH a few hours to accept it)! Good luck in these next 2 weeks... I've got my fingers crossed for you!

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