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Hi...I saw on your profile you're over 40. Me too!! How is your TTC journey going or are you TTC or pregnant? If you're pregnant, how long did it take or did you accidently get pregnant. I would love to hear your story. I'm also over 40. I've been getting pregnant (4x) and I keep losing them. Right now I'm 2nd attempt with IUI and this time with injectibles. I'm very disappointed about losing them, I didn't think i'd have problems; I had no idea that the eggs go bad when you're over 40. I thought as long as I had my period on a regular basis I'd be okay. Suprise ! Suprise. We've been trying since about june of last year. We are going to start IVF if ths cycle of IUI doesn't work. Doc wanted to do the IUI because he wanted to see how I'd react to injectibles. So far reacting pretty good.

Oh that's so exciting you used donor eggs. I'm soo jealous! That's the situation with me and DH. I have two children that I had when I was 24 and 29, now one is 17 and the other will be 12 on 9/4. I sometimes wonder after #2 baby why I'm doing this again, because my #2 baby was a crazy wild child and still is. He's been giving me trouble since I could feel him move. I'm told I'm having the miscarriages primarily because of my age - aneuloidipy (sp?) and possibly becuase of blood clotting disorder called anticardiolipid antibody syndrome. However, I've been taking shots of blood thinner and baby aspirin every day, so if that's the problem, then my blood won't form clots. I think I also had that problem with both my other pregnancies as it never ended up being an issue. We have insurance for IVF so I want to try to try a few times on my own. I wanted to do IVF with a procedure that determines chromosomal anomiles first prior to implantation, but it may not really benefit me if I don't come up with a lot of eggs to get fertilzed. I have one ovary, i lost the other one when I was 20 because of cyst. Right now my RE is doing the RE basically to see how well I stimulate with injectible medication. I kind of just want this to be over with !! I don't really care if the baby is biologically mine. You could get a donor that a very pretty girl and hope kid comes out with some good genes. It's not so bad. our only hesitation has been the cost involved. I'm glad it worked out for you right away. How many embryos did they transfer? Do you know how many you've got in there right now? My DH doesn't have any children either. I would love for him to have some of his own. My DH is such a dork sometimes. He seems to think any of children will be these well-behaved/disciplined children - little angels. He has no idea! Cracks me up. He doesn't seem to realize how they tend to "take over" when they're born. My main concern now is because of my age and the fact that my kids can pretty much fend for themselves is that I will be so tired!!! I was so tired when I was pregnant -- I would have been happy to go into a 9-month hibernation!

The doc on this forum when questioned by some others our age discussed the rate of miscarriage for us vs. younger women because of the egg quality which is one issue. You are 41 correct? I know the rate drastically changes at 42 (that's what my re told me) & I didn't believe her about that or about the egg quality but boy I sure do now. I do think IVF is a great option; however, like I said in my earlier post, one must be realistic about that egg quality although again at age 42 it seems to significantly decrease. My sister had a baby 9 months ago and she was 40 (she got lucky & got pregnant right away). My problem w/my 1st IVF cycle was that I failed to respond to the meds which I feel that the RE didn't really prepare me for, but that's another story. The RE transferred only one embryo in and I can't believe that I let her get away w/this. She seemed so confident & was more concerned about multiple births; however, I was more worried about getting pregnant & would gladly do anything to increase my chances. I'm almost positive that it's only one embryo but I guess it could've split, but I feel that's probably highly unlikely. My children are much older like yours. The youngest has lived longer w/her stepfather than she ever did w/her biological one. She's in her teens now & is quite a wild child herself & she thinks she's going on 21! I do feel like I'm holding my breath throughout this journey. I'm trying so hard to relax and do my visualization (from "The Secret"), but all of this stuff about the hcg numbers and progesterone stuff makes me so nervous. My next blood test is on Friday aug. 31 & I shouldn't be, but I'm all atwitter again! It's good that you have IVF insurance - we didn't. Since the 1st cycle was cancelled, most of our money was refunded in which we just applied to the next procedure. Some of the leftover meds were given to the donor to defray the costs. If things work out for you w/this cycle, i wish baby dust for you. When do you find out? You probably said so, but I can't seem to find it in your post. So please write back to me & let me know!!

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