Hypothyroidism and early pregnancy

Hello I am 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I am scheduled to see midwife on 22nd. That will be last day of my 6th week. Now I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a year back and taking 50 mcg synthyroid since then. I just read somewhere that one should increase their thyroid dosage as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Now my question is, How much thyroid dosage should I increase while I am waiting to see my midwife? Wont it be too late if I wait for midwife to suggest something? Could anyone (who had hypothyrodism and got pregnant) tell me that how much their doc increased their dosage and at how many weeks???? Thanks

Thanks gals I contacted my RE and he advised me to continue my 50 mcg dosage and have checkups at every three months. I am going for blood work tommorow for TSH and tommorw I will be 4 weeks 6 days pregnant. The results take almost a 4-5 days to come back. I am in UK..things are extremely slow here! I have read at several places that as soon as u find out u are pregnant, u should increase ur thyroid dose be taking two extra dosage per week while u wait for ur OB/GYN appointment. So I am thinking that instead of just waiting for TSH result, and going into 6th week without increase.... I will just take little extra dose before my fifth week ends!........also read that little bite more doesnt harm What do u suggest.? I am so confused!!....I thought BFP would end all tension and confusion but its now even more.. ! I am so upset with my GP. We went to him on the start of 5th week and asked for blood tests for HCG and Thyroid. He simply refused that they dont do anything this early!....and now i find it written everywhere that it should be monitered asap!... I just hope my little one sticks and grows just fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please god!!

Hi, simi.. i am in the same boat as you.. but i am not taking any meds though...( i have an enlarge nodules/goiter) as a matter of fact you kind a remind me that i have to call him (Endocrinologist)..He told me that once I got a BFP i call him so he can do blood work for me.. It would be a good idea to call your doctor...whoever you seeing for your thyroid.. GOOD LUCK..

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