Diane1003 and other recent BFPs

Just checking to see how everyone is doing. I've had lots of nausea and unfortunately it lasts allll day long! The only thing that has helped with the nausea is to eat a few saltine crackers as soon as I get up, while I'm still in bed. I seem to have better mornings when I do that. I also went for blood work today (20dpIUI) and my beta was 1,965...which seems really high (I hope not too high). Also, dh and I got to see the "sac" today!! Of course there was no fetus to see, but just seeing the little sac in my uterus was great! I'm still battling my OHSS and it keeps getting worse and worse. The Dr. said as long as my beta goes up, my ovaries will stay enlarged. The pregnancy hormone makes hyperstimulation worse. It looks like it will hang around throughout my first trimester. It's just sooo painful :(

I am 4 weeks 5 days today . havent really had any major symptoms as of yet. Juat super sore and big boobs!. and little nauseaus at night! Also I was very hot at night before going to bed but no fever. I have occasional cramps...but not severe! I am in Uk and my GP refused to do any HCG level testing ..said they dont do it !...I was so upset with him!!!!!!!!! He is just sooo un concerned .!!!!! I also have hypothyroid..and confused about increasing the dose..! Tomm I am going for TSH test. but results wont be in till next week. so thinking to increase my dose myself....not sure what to do? My first midwife appointment is on 22nd nov.. I will already be at the end of 6 weeks by then!

I'm only 4 weeks and 3 days. I was having some severe pain so they called me in for an u/s. They were afraid that it was an ectopic pregnancy from the pain I was describing, but thankfully the sac was in my uterus. Guess the pain was related to my OHSS. I have to go for weekly u/s so they can keep an eye on my ovaries so looks like I'll be keeping a close eye on the little one! I'm sure your number will have go way up next time you go and I'm sure the wait is killing you! I hope your morning sickness gets better...try the saltine crackers thing...it really helps me! Keep us posted!

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