fertility and the iud

I had my iud in for 10 years. I had it removed in January of this year. I am trying to get pregnant but no such luck. I was also told that I have a cyst growing on my left ovary. Can I get pregnant again?

of course you can still get pregnant. I had IUD for 4 1/2 years and took it out in July. It's so hard to conceive because IUD messed up my period and it's hard for me to track when I ovulate and have period. It's from 28 cycle days to 39 cycle days. We all have cysts. How big are the cysts will affect you become pregnant. I believe you might want your DR take a look. don't listen to ppls around tell you this and that cause you have a negative thought or discourage you. Keep up your spirit and think you will have baby and put your faith in God's hand. He always by your side even though you can't see him. Will have you in my prayer. Take care and God Bless you

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