Mid cycle bleeding!!! QUESTION

Does anyone have any info on this??? I am trying to help my friend and i want to show her this. Totally freaked out about this reddish/brown discharge that happens every couple of months, right around ovulation time..She is healthy, clean pap, normal, clean pelvic u/s, normal..I told her this just happens to some women and its just bothersome...any feedback would be apprciated..thanks ladies

Hi, I just had the same prob this month on day 15...I just talked with my RE and he said not to worry as a lot of women bleed around this time because your estrogen is lowered as you hit the second part of your cycle. If its a dip at a certain level, you bleed. Mostly hormonal. He has me on prometrium 400mg a day since I usually spot on and off during luteal phase (second part of cycle)and even though you can sometimes spot on prometrium as well, it has really helped me. I hope this helps and good luck.

i have been having the same problem for years and sometimes it takes 3-4 days can i use the same drug prescribed above cos i met with my doctor and he said it can be ignored but am not confortable with it please reply asap

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