Is it to early to get pregant

I just loss my daughter after waiting nine months to have her but just 4 day's before she was due she died inside, this was back in Sept.An now me an my boyfriend are trying to have another baby. And i haven't got my period yet. And we've been haveing unprotected sex from about 5 weeks now an i took 2 home pregnancy test "First Response "already an it say's that it is negative can i be pregnant, should i ba worrry

I am sorry to hear this. It's hard to deal with especially you already carried that baby almost full term. My heart go out for you. Just believe each one of us on this earth for a purpose. Your little angel already have a beautiful place to stay. don't have to go through rough life in this world. When are you expect your period? What is your cycle days? Maybe we can help you to figure out. Take care and good luck

I'm so sorry to hear this. What a horrible thing to go through. I think this is the one thing that every mother worries about. About he pregnancy, I would say to wait until your body gets back to normal. Because you carried to nine months, your recovery time will be the same as that of any other woman who gave birth. Did you have a vaginal delivery or C-section? That will make a difference too.

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