here we go again - 2WW

hey ladies so here i am in this 2WW...last cycle i thought for sure i was preg but AF made her awful presence 4 days later...i had many symptoms last month and one day they just stopped and AF showed up so here i am on CD19 and hoping maybe this month but not hoping so much that i cant focus on anything else yesterday and today i have had a headache and im just assuming right now its caused by other breasts seems to be tender almost all the time since last month and my light nauciousness has returned... im wishing luck to all and if you want to keep me company over the next 2 weeks please let me know...i could use company thanks & baby dust to all ---

Hello, I'm 5 DPO and almost no symptoms at all. Maybe it is a good sign, bec last month I had cramps and light spotting on this day 5 and guess AF on 11DPO. On Sat my bbs started to hurt, so I thought that's it...AF is on this way for sure, but the pain went away except for a little itching. I feel like I'm in Limbo during these TWW periods. Can't make any plans normally like my business trip in dec. thinking that it might interfere with BDing or IUI which ever we decide to do.

Good luck to you. I am 2ww as well. I ovulated over the weekend and so anxious for this month happen. feel free to post anything that might bother you. you do not have to deal it alone. that's what this forum do. support mentally and emotionally and hopefully we all pass this 2ww without getting ourselves crazy of thinking we are pregnant or not Take care

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