Hi ladies im not sure how to write this because its rather yukky but hopefully someone can help me. Well iv got out of the shower and noticed down below on both of my flappy bits they are very dark like a darky bluey black colour. As anyone noticed this before. Ps sorry for not wording it better but i didnt know what else to put. Thanks

Like I said before, I'm really not sure if it is caused by pregnancy, I just remember reading that it could be. If you're due next Monday, the cramps and spotting 8-9 days ago could be ovulation. I've heard some women spot right when they ovulate, and I know it can cause some mild cramping. Not sure if it would cause pain, though. Are you till having cramps and abdominal pain?

Would this happen so soon though if i was pregnant. Im not due on while next monday and i am trying for a baby. I have had really bad cramps, abdominal pain and lost a little bit of blood this was 8-9 days ago. please reply back xxx

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