I am currently on cd45 - not a typo cd45. my cycle usually runs 28-31 days with mild cramping and skin breakout on my neck one week before AF. All that occurred normally, but no AF and many neg HPTs. I did get a pos OPK on CD 17, but no AF. Any ideas as to what might be happining. I am really scared and confused as this has never happened before. Do you think I should monitor for ovulation as if my normal period occurred? I just don't know what to do Thanks

Thanks for your input. I have not had a blood test because I really don't seem to have any symptoms. When I was pregnant in March my boobs were really sore and swollen, but nothing this time. I ahve been extremely stressed. Maybe that is the answer. I will definately keep monitoring for O, I'll keep you posted

I think I would monitor for O just in case. Have you had a blood pregnancy test? I mean I have gone up to 8 weeks with neg. HPT's and then got a beta and it was +.....You might want to call and ask you Dr. to see what might be going on......good luck and I pray you come to find the reason behind the delayed AF

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