Short Periods,Long cycles, TTC after 2m/c

I need help. I have had two miscarriages in the past year. Both m/c resulted in d&c's. I also had to have a repeat d&c and hysteroscopy for missed tissue this past Aug. We started ttc in Sept. No success yet. In the past I always got pg on the first try. I am starting to worry that something is wrong. Also, my cycles are so long now. 34 days. I don't "O" till day 21. My periods have been fairly light and only last about 3 days. I talked to my doctor and he wants me to come in after I ovulate this month to check my hormone levels. And if I don't get pg this month then I will get the HSG done. I am so worried that something is wrong. Has anyone else had these experiences after m/c? Thank you..... ?

I am sorry to hear about your loss. Hopefully things get back on track for you too. It is the waiting that is frustrating. We have been trying for over a year now and it is so hard. Losing two babies has been devastating. I have a wonderful husband and a 10 yr old son who have helped me through this. And I am going to keep trying. Last month I bought the digital opk to help me out. I went through two kits because I didn't want to miss the "O" just in case it came at a different time. That was frustrating too. Everyday getting the empty circle until finally day 21 I got a smiley face and I knew I was ovulating. What time of the day do you take your opk. My dr. wants me to start charting my temp too. So, I am going to do that this month. Do you start charting your temp at the same time you start your opk?

I hope the medical advice I got gives you hope. I had a m/c in early October. My cycle has been very strange since: spotting, then stopping. Then I started a period and it was very short. The doctor I spoke to said this was normal. More than anything, it is so frustrating waiting. I am counting the seconds until I ovulate (and really, it is hard to figure that out now), but if you are having a period, you are ovulating, so that is good. It is great you were getting pg first try. I understand how it may be strange that you aren't yet, but healthy, normal couples can take up to 8 months (I've been told). So, you are still doing well. I hope you get pregnant soon.

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