TTC naturally before IVF

I am planning on undergoing IVF but have a general question. Can you TTC naturally up to the time of IVF or do you have to abstain because of the medications required. My protocol requires monitoring for O, then beginning a combination of Estrogen Patch and Ganirelix before my period begins. Once my period begins, I then begin taking stimulation drugs GonalF, Menopur and ganirelix. DH and I usually begin BDing prior to O and continue until O is confirmed. Based upon our scenario, I could possibly become pregnant while monitoring for O and I wouldn't know until after starting my meds.

I was on bc until I started my injections as well. I had to take a hcg/trigger shot to force my body to ovulate. As soon as they could the dr.s did the egg retrieval. It wasn't possible for me to TTC naturally since I didn't ovulate on my own. You may want to ask your dr. if it's possible for you, the injectables are not healthy for a pregnant woman.

I have to start abstinance 10 days before my egg retrival. Also, I'm on birth control until I start my injections; so basically, for me, there is no ttc naturally starting about a month before the IVF. Hope that helps.

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