Extreme chronic testicular pain

My husband has had an ongiong problem with chronic pain in his left testicle. He's been tested via blood test for cancer (no PSA yet), they've also scoped up his urethra, ultrasound, etc. Touching or pushing/probing the testicle will cause bad pain, but he has almost random 'attacks' of debilitating pain, where he says it feels like "someone has his testicle in a vice". No further testing has been pursued, and no one's really given us a definitive diagnosis yet, but they have him on Neurontin 900 mgs 3x a day, and want him to take Methadone daily. Obviously, we have concerns over him taking Methadone with *any* regularity. He has also been prescribed Oxycodone for pain outbreaks as well. They seem to think they've ruled out problems with the epidydimus. What other problems could cause this kind of pain? We're not getting many answers from the current specialists, and are at our wits' end. This has been *debilitating*.

I agree with mommyluv02. you can go to man forum to ask the question. maybe they will able to help. good luck

i think that you might get more help on the mens forum. Good luck

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